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Teranga Africa

Visit Senegal West Africa: In between Land and Sea tour 8 days/7 nights

Visit Senegal West Africa: In between Land and Sea tour 8 days/7 nights

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8 days in Senegal  

Visit Senegal: In between Land and Sea tour 8 days/7 nights

Day 1: DAKAR

Discover Dakar, the lively capital of Senegal, where history meets modernity amidst bustling markets and stunning coastal vistas. Explore iconic landmarks like the Presidential Palace and vibrant Kermel Market, immersing yourself in the city's dynamic culture. With its lively streets and beautiful beaches, Dakar offers an unforgettable experience that captivates visitors of all ages.

We have this plan for you:

• Check-in and settle into the hotel
• Enjoy lunch at the hotel
• Explore Dakar with a guided tour: visit the Presidential Palace, Cathedral, Kermel Market, Soumbédioune Market, and Renaissance Monument
• Return to the hotel for dinner


Day 2: GOREE

Embark on an adventure to Goree Island, where history comes alive amidst charming streets and captivating museums. Explore the poignant House of Slaves and delve into the island's rich cultural heritage at the Women's Museum. With its picturesque scenery and compelling history, Goree Island promises an unforgettable journey for all who visit.

What would your day look like:

• Start the day with breakfast at the hotel
• Depart for Goree Island and embark on a boat journey at 9 am
• Explore Goree Island, including visits to the House of Slaves, Women’s Museum, Henriette Bathily Museum, and Museum of the Sea
• Indulge in lunch at Saint Germain restaurant
• Return to Dakar 
• Have dinner back at the hotel


Experience the thrill of a day at the Pink Lake, where adventure awaits amidst stunning natural beauty. Take on exhilarating activities like quad biking, camel rides, and scenic lake tours. With its mesmerizing pink hues and endless opportunities for adventure, the Pink Lake promises a day of excitement and wonder for every traveler. 

Enjoy your day

• Begin the day with breakfast at the hotel
• Journey to the Pink Lake for a day of activities such as quad biking, lake tours, and camel rides
• Enjoy lunch at Salim Walk and explore the nearby craft market
• Return to Dakar for a free evening followed by dinner along the Corniche des Almadies


Experience a day of relaxation and exploration at Somone, where tranquil lagoons and golden beaches await your discovery. Glide through the serene waters on a canoe trip or simply unwind by the shore. With its peaceful ambiance and picturesque scenery, Somone offers a perfect retreat for travelers seeking serenity and natural beauty.

Relax, relax, relax 

After breakfast, depart for Somone with a scenic stop at Popenguine village
• Arrive at Royal Baobab Hotel Somone and settle in
• Experience a canoe trip on Somone Lagoon
• Dine at the hotel for both lunch and dinner
• Enjoy a leisurely afternoon at your own pace


Begin an unforgettable journey to Joal-Fadiouth, where ancient history and charming village life await exploration. Wander through the fascinating streets of Fadiouth, known for its unique cemetery built on shells. Engage with local communities, savoring authentic cuisine and cultural traditions for a truly enriching experience.

Place not to miss

• Start the day with breakfast
• Depart for Mbour, visiting the fishing port along the way
• Make a stop at Warang for a unique liqueur tasting experience
• Continue to Joal - Fadiouth and check-in at Plein Soleil hotel in Mbodiène
• Explore Fadiouth village, including its famous cemetery
• Engage with a group of women for cultural experiences and enjoy a canoe ride
• Return to the hotel for dinner


Discover the enchanting beauty of Palmarin Fadiouth, where pristine beaches and lush landscapes await your exploration. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature with activities like beach strolls and refreshing swims. Delight your senses with local cuisine and vibrant cultural encounters for an unforgettable day of adventure and relaxation.

Fun times 

• Enjoy breakfast before departing for Palmarin Ecolodge
• Check-in and spend the morning relaxing on the beach or by the pool
• Lunch is served at the lodge
• Choose from various activities including pirogue rides, cart rides, and VTT adventures
• Conclude the day with dinner at the lodge


Day 7: Bandia reserve 

Experience the thrill of wildlife encounters at Bandia Reserve Fadiouth, where majestic animals roam freely in their natural habitat. Embark on a thrilling safari adventure to spot lions, giraffes, and rhinos up close. Explore the diverse ecosystem through guided tours and immerse yourself in the beauty of the African savanna.

Activities at Bandia Reserve:

• Enjoy a guided safari tour to observe diverse wildlife.
• Capture stunning photos of lions, giraffes, and other majestic creatures.
• Learn about the conservation efforts to protect endangered species.
• Embark on a bird-watching excursion to spot exotic avian species.
• Unwind with a picnic amidst the breathtaking scenery of the reserve.

Day 8: Return to Dakar Breakfast Back to Dakar 

  • Departure for the Airport
Return to Dakar, check-in at hotel and 
Day 9: Arrival at Sal island
Spending two days in Sal Island offers
a chance to experience the island's
natural beauty, vibrant culture, and
exciting activities. Here's a suggested

1. Beach Time: Start your day by relaxing
on one of Sal's pristine beaches, such
as Santa Maria Beach or Kite Beach. Enjoy
swimming, sunbathing, or trying out water
sports like windsurfing or kiteboarding.
2. Pedra de Lume Salt Crater: Visit the
Pedra de Lume Salt Crater, a natural salt
pan where you can float effortlessly in
the salty waters. Take in the panoramic
views of the surrounding landscape.
3. Lunch: Sample local Cape Verdean
cuisine at one of the beachside
restaurants in Santa Maria. Try dishes
like catchupa (a traditional stew) or
fresh seafood.
4. Explore Santa Maria: Wander through
the charming town of Santa Maria,
browsing the colorful markets, shops,
and art galleries. Don't miss the
opportunity to pick up souvenirs
like handmade crafts or local artwork.
5. Sunset Cruise: End your day with a
relaxing sunset cruise along the coast
of Sal Island. Enjoy breathtaking views
of the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean
while sipping on cocktails and listening
to live music.

Day 10:
1. Quad Biking or Dune Buggy Tour: Start
your day with an adrenaline-pumping quad
biking or dune buggy tour across the
island's rugged terrain. Explore hidden
gems like Buracona's Blue Eye or the
Terra Boa mirage.
2. Snorkeling or Diving: Discover the
underwater world of Sal Island with a
snorkeling or diving excursion. Explore
colorful coral reefs, tropical fish,
and maybe even spot sea turtles or
manta rays.
3. Lunch: Enjoy a beachfront lunch at one
of the island's beach bars or
restaurants. Feast on grilled fish,
seafood paella, or traditional Cape
Verdean dishes while soaking up the ocean
4. Relaxation Time: Spend the afternoon
unwinding on the beach or indulging in
spa treatments at one of the island's
luxury resorts. Pamper yourself with a
massage or rejuvenating body scrub.
5. Nightlife: Experience Sal Island's
vibrant nightlife scene in Santa Maria.
Dance the night away at beachfront bars,
enjoy live music performances, or try
your luck at the local casinos.

With this itinerary, you'll make the
most of your two days in Sal Island,
experiencing its diverse attractions
and creating unforgettable memories.
Day 11: Arrival at Santiago Praia
Santiago Pria With just one and a half
days in Praia, Cabo Verde, you can still
make the most of your time by exploring
some of the city's highlights. Here's a
suggested itinerary:

1. Morning: Start your day by visiting
the historic center of Praia, known as
Plateau. Explore the colonial
architecture, colorful buildings, and
charming streets. Don't miss landmarks
like the Presidential Palace, Praia City
Hall, and Alexandre Albuquerque Square.
2. Brunch: Enjoy a leisurely brunch at
one of the local cafes or restaurants
in Plateau. Sample traditional Cape
Verdean dishes like cachupa or pastel
com katchupa.
3. Cultural Visit: Spend the afternoon
immersing yourself in Cape Verdean
culture at the National Ethnographic
Museum. Learn about the country's
history, traditions, and cultural
heritage through exhibits and artifacts.

4. Relaxation Time: After a busy day of
sightseeing, take some time to relax at
Praia's city beach, Quebra Canela.
Lounge on the golden sands, swim in the
turquoise waters, or simply enjoy the
coastal views.
5. Sunset: Head to Praia's scenic
viewpoint, Diogo Gomes, in time to catch
the sunset. Marvel at the breathtaking
panoramic views of the city skyline and
the Atlantic Ocean as the sun dips below
the horizon.

Day 12: Last Visit and return to the US
1. Morning: Rise early to explore Praia's
vibrant fruit and vegetable market,
Market. Experience the lively atmosphere
as locals shop for fresh produce, spices,
and handmade crafts.
2. Fortaleza Real de São Filipe: Visit
this historic fortress overlooking Praia
Harbor. Explore the fort's cannons,
ramparts, and museum exhibits, which
offer insight into the city's maritime
3. Lunch: Enjoy a traditional Cape
Verdean lunch at a local restaurant near
Sucupira Market. Savor grilled fish,
fried polenta, or local specialties like
cachupa rica.
4. Shopping: Spend your afternoon
browsing the shops and boutiques in
Praia's commercial district. Pick up
souvenirs such as local crafts, artwork,
or traditional clothing to remember
your trip.
5. Departure: Head to Nelson Mandela
International Airport in the evening
for your flight back to the US. Reflect
on your memorable time in Praia as you
prepare for your journey home.

Although your time in Praia is short,
this itinerary allows you to experience
the city's cultural heritage, scenic
beauty, and culinary delights before
departing for your flight back to the US.

 PRICE INCLUDES:   Hotels; Breakfast, lunch,
dinner included
complimentary airport assistance,
all visits and entrance fees,
extensive pre-tour information,
comprehensive documents & itinerary,
transportation in A/C motorcoach,
assistance of an English-speaking tour 
guide and a Bon Voyage gift.
Does not include gratuities, phone calls,
laundry or personal items.
Not included: flight tickets 
VISAS: Senegal does not require visas
for U.S. Passports.
Your American passport has to be valid.

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