Unique and handmade gifts from Africa

Decorate your home African Style using Baskets, Musical instruments, Textiles, Wood carvings.

You are looking for unique  gifts for yourself or your relatives. This is a place where you can find handmade items from Africa. Or maybe you are planning your next  vacation. Welcome to Teranga Africa. 

I use to tell my friends that if they don't go to Africa, Africa would come to them. Well!! AFRICA IS HERE.

Why Teranga Africa?

Teranga is a Wolof word that means Hospitality. Wolof is one of the various dialects spoken in Africa. 

The motherland (Africa) is one of the most welcoming places on earth, That is why, we wanted to create through Teranga Africa, this welcoming place where you would see Beauty, Peace, Richness, Savoir faire and more.

Welcome to Teranga

African inspired Digital Art

Digital Art made African style by Lyconiq.  Lyconiq is a young artist... 

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Musical instruments

Handmade instruments from West Africa. Have fun alone or with friends. Join...