Baobab village /African resort Southern California

At Teranga africa, we import handmade items from Africa.
However in this project we want to start a small African village / resort in California. It will be called Baobab village. Baobabs native are trees in Africa. The baobab symbolizes strength and power.

Baobab Village will offer overnight camping experiences with authentic African decor and theme. Our target customers include public and private schools, corporate groups, and youth-based summer camps. Traditionally, these groups seek outdoor experiences that blend education, team-building, and adventure. We aim to cater to their needs while providing a unique cultural experience.

We are working on Raising $300,000. However, we could start with $100,000.

1/ $3000 meeting city planners
2/ title search $250
3/ Soft Costs: $50,000 these include everything non-construction related like designers, architects, lawyers, insurance, permits and taxes.

4/ Analyze The Data And Determine Feasibility and Create A Hotel Business Plan $5000

$42,000 any additional expenses
Total: $100,000

How we will get it done:

We want to reach 5,000 or more potential customers though email, social media, events and meeting. These customers love camping, live music, outdoor activities, good food or philanthropist.

We are trying to get 1000 customers to support our project by spending $300. We will use the funds to start an African resort in Southern California. 

$300 will get them: $450 credit
- Stay at the resort for two (refundable the first two years after opening.) One night at the resort will be around $65 to $150 depending on the seasons
- food/ restaurant credit
- coupon credit for Teranga Africa store or website 

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