Visit Senegal

Visit Senegal

Come visit Senegal, also known as the country of Teranga or country of Hospitality. 

Senegal is a semi-desertic country that offers many sceneries. Ocean Atlantic on its West, Senegal is bordered to the north by Mauritania, to the Est by Mali and to the South by Guinea and Guinea Bissau. Senegal is also bordered by the Gambia, a country that almost cuts Senegal in half. 

Senegal has two seasons, a long dry season of nine months and a raining season of 3 months. 

The country is sunny all year round. Its stability but mostly the kindness of its people made Senegal the Country of Hospitality or "le pays de la Teranga".

Senegalese Food is an institution, I am just going to leave it like that. I won't speak much about it. You have to come with us. 

Senegal counts at least 7 big tribes that speak their own dialects. It usual for Senegalese people to speak one or many dialects included French. The official language is French which is used for administrative matters. long story short, Senegal was an old French colony that is independent since 1960. 

Since 196O, The Republic Democratic of Senegal has had 4 Presidents Senegal is an example fr peaceful election but mostly great cohabitation among citizens from different believes. 90% of the Senegalese population is Muslim, the remaining 10% is sharded in-between Christians (Catholics, Protestant) and Animists.

Dakar is the biggest city in Senegal. Overpopulated, the current Government is doing its best to relocate investments, opportunities and jobs away from Dakar. New cities are built from scratch like Diamnadio. Also the famous singer Akon is going to build its own city in partnership for Senegalese authorities.  

Lots of investments opportunities in real estate, tourism, new technologies, renewable energy, ...

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