Teranga Africa Resort / Vacation home in West Africa Senegal / Relocate

Are you looking to get a second home overseas?

Invest in Senegal. It is the Perfect place to relocate because:

1/ Senegal is sunny all year round. Its stability but mostly the kindness of its people made Senegal the Country of Hospitality or "le pays de la Teranga".

 2/ Food, music, crafts are amazing. 

3/ Peaceful and comfortable. You can choose to isolate and focus on enjoying your self and discovering Senegal. However, it is good to know that you have easy access to internet and all the technologies needed to accomplish remote jobs, keep your friends and relatives posted on your vacation, etc. 

4/ Only 5 hours from Europe and 7 hours from the United States. 

5/ Lots of business opportunities. Sectors like agribusiness, Telecommunication, mining, tourism, real estate are worth exploring. Government did a great  job creating a propitious environment for business with Laws to protect investors, tax incentives to encourage investor and boost the economy.  

Teranga Africa Resort is a project we want to start on 2022. It consist on secure and elegant African houses. We want to use the design of traditional houses and add a touch of luxury.

Here is an example of traditional house

Traditional Houses

Here is a example of a modern house inspired by a traditional house

modern house

Inside modern African house

The houses come fully furnished. We don't have a location yet but we are looking for land by the ocean and close to the airport. 

Recreation convenience: Restaurant, grocery store, health facilities on site. Security services 24/7.

Please note that we can hire qualify gardener and cook on your expense. 

We can assist you before you buy land and build your dream house anywhere in Senegal or you can choose one of different type of houses we offer




Contact us at info@terangaafrica.com for more details.